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Are you looking for that investment which can offer higher return than your Fixed Deposits?

Are you searching for a better investment avenue to invest lump sum money for your monthly regular income goals?

Then, Secura Vaulta can give a best Monthly Income Scheme you. Secura Vaulta can provide better returns than Bank Deposits / Post office Savings Schemes, but you should be willing to accept Secura Vaulta which is a trend based investment portfolio.

Monthly Income Plans (MIPs) are primarily ‘Debt oriented schemes’. But now in Our Secura Vaulta these funds invest in a mix of gold bullion trading and USDT trading in the proportions of 50:50 or 40:60, as per the time of investment. The objective of these funds is to provide enhanced regular returns to risk-averse investors by taking small positions in equity assets.

Important Points to ponder about Secura Vaulta Investments :

The performance of other investment portfolio in the market is greatly affected by various economic factors during the past years.

  SECURA VAULTA tend to invest in USDT & Physical Gold Bullion trading, with assured profit, any time investment liquidity, no creditors risk. We believe that SECURA VAULTA scheme may continue to perform well and to yield assured and good returns in the coming financial years.

  If you have a lump sum amount which needs to be invested for say 1 to 3 years then SECURA VAULTA can be a better alternative to bank fixed deposits , post office savings scheme and other alternative deposits.

  SECURA VAULTA can be a decent bet if you are looking for regular income.

  Do watch out for our ‘Exit Options’ which give leaverage to the investors if they want to exit after the lock in period which is one year of holding.

USDT Trading

Tether (USDT) offers a way for investors to avoid the extreme volatility of other cryptocurrencies. By moving value to USDT, a trader might reduce their risk of exposure to a sudden drop in the price of cryptocurrencies. It is also much quicker and cheaper to transfer BTC into Tether rather than the U.S. dollar.

Tether belongs to a breed of cryptocurrencies called stablecoins which aim to keep cryptocurrency valuations stable, as opposed to the wide swings observed in the prices of other popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. That would allow it to be used as a medium of exchange and a mode of storage of value, instead of being used as a medium of speculative investments.

Secura Vaulta supply USDT for crypto exchange, Crypto buyers, Gamers, NFT holders etc. for the past 5 years. The net supply of USDT is around 6 Million Dollars per month.

Gold Bullion

Secura Vaulta carries forward the strong legacy in bullion trading. The company first fix the sale price and then do purchase with its regular supplier with a pre assured profit . So the chance of loss in trading is almost Nil.

The company’s Trading policy to fix the purchase price is depends upon the seller’s immediate financial need and Our Policy fix the selling price depends upon the market’s material requirement. We aim to create the same confidence and trust to both our buyer and seller as we do the business consistently.

We trade a considerable volume of Gold in which we have an ultimate business plan to improve our business in the forth coming period with our financial plans, Dedicated operations , customer service teams, advanced accounting information system, and strong banking relationships.

  Best Prices

  Flexibility of choosing the currency for rate fixing

  Smaller Lot Sizes, Bigger Convenience

  Continuous & Consistent Supply

  Dedicated and Professional Customer Service

  Accepts USDT for Gold bullion Trading.

Real Estate

Build upon the trust and integrity created among clients, Secura Vaulta is an establishment which focuses on maximum client satisfaction. We have a strong foothold in various business areas and our motto is “Delivering only the best to those who rely on us”. Our real estate wing has successfully completed many noble projects in prominent locations of the city.

Secura Vaulta was crafted about one decade ago under the guidance and ideas of a reputed person. We have gained clients reputation and will continue to do so in all our future endeavours. We have successfully completed projects including Homes in Kattupakkam, Hadi - Exotica in Porur a residential apartment, Golden Square Hostel in Guduvancherry, Hadi Towers in Medavakkam, Hadi - Breeze in Nanganallur and Ganesh Enclave in Pullianthopu.

We have upcoming project called Hadi Brindavanam, a luxury Resorts at ECR. Stepping into residential and commercial building industry, Secura Vaulta have initiated a sting of flamboyant Interior Projects in Residential Apartments.

Also we construct independent Luxury Bangalow to our existing clients on their own request all over Tamilnadu.

Hotel Management Services

Over the last few years, the hospitality industry has experienced a wide focus on top-line growth, bottom-line savings and enhanced customer satisfaction and delight. Secura Vaulta has wealth of experience in hotel asset management and hence it’s wise to hire us.

Secura Vaulta has a professional team for Hotel Asset Management Services and Hotel Transaction Services.


  Owner friendly management contracts
   Better management of property leadership team
   Standardized property performance
   Monitoring market trends
   Benchmarking property performance
   Forecasting future market trends


   Preparation of preliminary information memorandum
   Identification of potential investors
   Structuring the transactions
   Representation to potential buyers
   Finalization of deal and documentation

Up Coming Projects

We have upcoming project called Hadi Brindavanam, a luxury Resorts at ECR. An apartment at Guduvancherry. Stepping into residential and commercial building industry, Secura Vaulta have initiated a sting of flamboyant Interior Projects in Residential Apartments.

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