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Monthly Income Plans (MIPs) are primarily ‘Debt oriented schemes'. But now in Secura Vaulta these funds invest in a mix of Gold Bullion trading and USDT trading in the proportions of 50:50 or 40:60, as per the time of investment.

The objective of these funds is to provide enhanced regular returns to risk-averse investors by taking small positions in equity assets.

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Secura Vaulta Investments

The performance of other investment portfolio in the market is greatly affected by various economic factors during the past years.

So, Secura Vaulta tend to investin USDT trading and Physical Gold Bullion, with assured profit, any time investment liquidity, no credtors risk. We believe that Secura Vaulta schemes may continue to perform well in the next couple of years too.

If you have a lump sum amount which needs to be invested for say 1 to 3 years then Secura Vaulta can be a better alternative to bank fixed deposits.

Secura Vaulta can be a decent bet if you are looking for regular income.

Do watch out for our ‘Exit Options', which give leaverage to the investors if they want to exit after the lock in period which is more one year of holding.

You may consider investing in Secura Vaulta to get better returns than Regular traditional investment like fixed deposits, post office savings schemes etc.

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